Will Clear Braces Help with my Overbite?

Patients who want to straighten their smiles with cosmetic dentistry may not be satisfied with orthodontic treatments that conceal their smiles behind ugly metal braces for the better part of two years. Clear braces can be a viable alternative, but different treatment systems may not be appropriate for certain complex cases involving malocclusions, such as an overbite, or severe crowding. To learn whether clear braces can help you achieve your smile goals, you should consult with a dentist who provides this treatment.

Patients have a number of different options for clear braces, such as Six Month Smiles and aligner systems. Many patients may prefer Six Month Smiles due to the drastically reduced treatment timeline, which is even significantly shorter than that typically necessary with clear aligners.

With Six Month Smiles, clear brackets and tooth-colored wires reposition the teeth, so the appliances are barely detectable in your smile. The teeth are able to move so much faster because the desired movement occurs just in the teeth and not with the bite. Additionally, it’s possible to achieve the treatment goals using lighter forces than conventional orthodontics. Because Six Month Smiles does have some limitations, you should be evaluated by a dentist to ensure that this system can do everything you want in terms of realigning your smile.

In addition to crooked teeth, you may be dissatisfied with other aspects of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can help with many of those issues in conjunction with Six Month Smiles treatment, as well. For example, you may also want brighter, whiter teeth as part of your new straighter smile. You can discuss options for teeth whitening treatments, as well. It may also be possible to address teeth that seem undersized through this specialty. Consider whether a complete smile makeover might make sense for you.

To learn more about the Six Month Smiles system and learn if it might be a good treatment option in your case, visit our office for an evaluation and initial consultation,

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