The Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry Experience

The mission at CCD is to create a beautiful, individual smile for each patient that restores not only the beauty but the function of their teeth.

Step 1

The Consult

During a cosmetic consult, you’ll come in for an exam with Dr. Cowdin where she will take a look at the overall health of your teeth, listen to the goals for your smile and provide guidance on treatment options. From there we will establish a plan and take a 3D digital scan of your mouth. The lab will use that scan to build a digital version of your perfect smile. These digital renderings are 3D printed in our office and used as the template for your temporaries. You are able to see the 3D printed version and your temporaries before we begin prepping your teeth for permanent placement!

Step 2

The Prep Step

During Step 2 of the process, you’ll have your second appointment where we prepare your teeth for the veneers. We pride ourselves in our conservative approach to veneers by removing less than half a millimeter of your tooth structure, which is roughly the depth of a fingernail. This allows us to create the proper surface for a permanent veneer bond. If there are existing fillings, bondings, or cavities, they will be removed to achieve a smooth, long- lasting bond with the tooth. We then place a set of temporary veneers that mimic what the final set will look like. Our patients enjoy this part of the process because it allows them time to get used to their new smile before everything becomes permanent. During this time patients will have the opportunity to request adjustments to size or shape before we build the final veneer set!

If we are completing more in depth treatment such as crowns, implants, or a full mouth rehabilitation, the steps are similar and the preparation appointment happens in the same way. You will leave the appointment with temporaries that will mimic what your final restorations will look like. Placement of implants will usually happen at this appointment as well.

At the end of this appointment we will take a final scan of the preparations and send that to the lab for them to begin fabricating the final teeth.

Step 3

Finals Fabrication

The lab uses the digital scans we took of your teeth to begin fabricating the final restorations. First they digitally design the teeth and mill them out of porcelain. Then they hand adjust and perfect each tooth before they stain and glaze them. The process is arduous and can take between 2 and 3 weeks depending on how many teeth they are fabricating. 
Step 4

Official Placement Day

At the final visit, we try the veneers to ensure the fit and color are perfect before final cementation. You will be able to look at them on your teeth before they are permanently bonded, and they won’t be placed until you absolutely love them.
Step 5

Two Week Check

We will have you back in two weeks to check on your teeth to make sure everything still feels good and there are no adjustments needed! Once we have the thumbs up from you, then we take your official after shots so you can see just how far your smile has come. Then we send you on your way- try not to miss us too much!