Sedation Dentistry

We Can Calm Your Fears

Fear of going to the dentist affects millions of people, and prevents them from getting the dental care that they need. It is understandable that the noises, pain, and tools associated with dentist visits scare individuals, but this should not deprive them of taking care of their dentistry needs. at Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry, we strive to provide a warm and comfortable dental experience that is free of fear, anxiety or apprehension.

We will work with you to dispel any tensions you may have about your visit.  Sometimes simply knowing you are in the capable, caring hands is comforting.  Our team will be attentive to your every need.  Simply let us know that you are concerned or uneasy about your visit, and we will find a way to help you feel completely at ease.

Depending upon your personal views of dentist visits and your pain tolerance, sedation dentistry may be the best option for you.

How does it work?

Our sedation dentistry process is conducted and monitored by a board certified anesthesiologist on our staff. Sedatives can be taken in a number of forms including through the nose, veins, under the tongue or by mouth. Generally in sedative dentistry, a mild to moderate sedative is used where you will be relaxed but still conscious. Throughout the process you will be continuously monitored, and once the procedure is done it is required that you have a companion to escort you home, as the effects may linger.

What are the types of sedation?

The sedative used is based on a number of factors including your medical history and condition, your level of comfort and the length and extent of the procedure being performed. Both oral and IV options are available.

How will I feel during and after sedation?

Apart from feeling relaxed, sedation may distort your perception of time, making it seem like the procedure does not take very long. In addition, some sedatives may have amnesic effects so you may not remember much about the procedure.

at Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry we have years of experience in sedation dentistry. We are equipped to cater to your needs, and we want to make your dental procedures as comfortable as they can be.

If you have any more questions about sedation dentistry, please feel free to contact us!