Proper Care for Your Dental Implants

Everybody loves a beautiful smile. But sometimes life happens, and one may find they need a little more help than what routine dental care can offer. In the case of missing teeth, many people are turning to dental implants with the help of Dallas cosmetic dentists.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants are basically artificial tooth roots. Artificial tooth roots are placed into the jaw bones and are eventually attached to an artificial tooth. Once placed, the implants take a short time to heal and integrate with the jaw. After the healing process, an artificial top—known as a crown—is placed onto the implant as well as bridges and other attachments for partial dentures can be placed if needed.

Getting dental implants have helped patients prevent gum recession as well as bone loss that is unsightly and common with missing teeth and dentures. Perhaps you have already completed the implant process by your cosmetic dentist. Then what you need to know is how to integrate routine, proper care for your dental implants.

Clean and Care of Dental Implants

Our dentists recommend some cleaning techniques that will lengthen and improve the life of your dental implants. With routine care—just like with your natural teeth—you should not need any long-term specialized care to keep your implants looking good!

You need to be just as conscientious about keeping your smile dazzling as if you are caring for your natural teeth—this will make sure your dental implants last a long time. Our Dallas cosmetic dentists and Frisco dentists can help you determine the best care for your dental implants. Excellent home care, which includes brushing and flossing should be the same as your normal dental care. Periodic check-up visits should be scheduled with our Dallas cosmetic dentists to monitor your implants, gums and natural teeth to make sure they are healthy. Here are some good dental implant hygiene tips:

  • Brush, brush, brush! Just like your natural teeth, you should also brush your implants after every meal
  • Flossing around your implants is crucial to maintaining good dental implant health
  • Although you can eat almost any food—you may want to use care with particularly sticky candies and foods
  • Avoid chewing hard objects, such as ice, or mindlessly chewing on things like ink pens, etc
  • Employ the use of special brushes that are designed to clean behind and below the dental implant tooth(teeth)
  • Good Care is a Must for Long-lasting Dental Implants

Even with the best of modern techniques in dental care, many people suffer from tooth loss. With the advent of dental implants you’re given more options than just bridges and dentures. In addition to improving your appearance and possibly your speech, dental implants by dentists also provide the opportunity for improved overall oral health, comfort and eating.

Remember most people will not even realize that you have implants. Proper care for your dental implants will ensure that your artificial teeth look like beautiful natural teeth for as long as possible.