Laser Teeth Whitening

People have always been impressed by beautiful, white teeth when someone flashes a smile at them. These days, stunningly white teeth are nearly as important to attractive looks as perfect skin and shiny hair. Considering how so many are obsessed with the shade of a person’s teeth, you have probably tried a variety of products and procedures to make sure that yours are as white as possible. While there are a number of teeth-whitening programs available online and over-the-counter, your dentist likely offers the most effective and safest way to achieve the whitest teeth possible. Many people have not heard that a laser can be used in the teeth whitening procedure to whiten teeth up to eight shades in an hour or less.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

  • Although the procedure is completely safe and involves only minor discomfort, your dentist will need to perform a prior examination to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. This examination may be done during a separate appointment or immediately before the procedure begins.
  • Your dentist will then apply the whitening gel that breaks down any stains on your teeth when activated by the Zoom! laser light. The combination of the gel and light are extremely effective in removing stains that have been resistant to other teeth-whitening methods.
  • This procedure will be repeated three times at 15-minute intervals, and you will be instructed to rinse your mouth when the whitening process is complete. Your next look in the mirror is sure to bring you joy because it will reveal your sparkling, white teeth, which will remain bright longer than what other methods provide.

Laser teeth whitening procedures produce results faster than any other method, but you should consider that the cost can be considerable. The fact is that even though the procedure is done by a dentist, it is not likely to be covered by any insurance company. This means you should explore any payment options offered by your dentist to make the expense more manageable. Other payment options include saving enough to pay for the procedure in advance, or you may be able to find a low-interest credit card to pay for the procedure.

Although the procedure is not usually uncomfortable, some people do experience gum irritation during and after their appointment. The prior examination performed by your dentist will identify any condition that may result in your discomfort, and the procedure may be delayed until these problems are treated.

Your first step in deciding whether Zoom! laser whitening is a good choice for you is to contact a dental office that provides this service. Many clinics offer low-interest loans to cover the cost of teeth whitening and any other treatments that can be provided by other specialists.