Keep Your Dentistry In Mint Condition

Having A Beautiful Smile and Keeping it in Mint Condition:  Dallas, Texas

Many people are embarrassed by their smiles and end up getting a lot of work done in order to feel good about themselves again.  You may have gotten teeth whitening, veneers, crowns or invisalign to get that new smile but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the road.  Many times this means we need to step up our personal oral hygiene routine in order to keep that dentistry in mint condition.

Do I Need To Floss After Getting Veneers or Crowns?

The answer is simply yes.  In the case of veneers, the laminate doesn’t wrap around the whole tooth and even the porcelain wears down like regular enamel to taking care of your teeth by flossing is still necessary.  This is not to mention that most people get veneers on about 8 teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom.  Unless you crowns on the other remaining teeth, you still need to care for the ones that don’t have veneers as they can effect the bit later on if they decay.  So in all reality, you need to step up your oral hygiene routine to preserve your new dentistry.

Porcelain veneers are not designed to withstand sharp impacts and they can fracture, just as your natural teeth can fracture. Do not bite pins, nails, bottles, etc., and do not strike them with hard objects. If you engage in contact sports, wear a mouth protector.

Keep Your Gums In Mint Condition

Outside of the teeth themselves, it is very important to keep your gums healthy as well.  Many people who get veneers or crowns experience better gum health but if you don’t take care of them, it could lead to gum disease.  Gum disease can be serious as it has been directly linked to heart disease.  If you begin to notice bleeding or your gums become inflamed, you need to get to dentist as soon as possible.

An Example of What Can Happen When You Don’t Care For Your Dentistry

One example of what can happen when you don’t take care of your dentistry has to do with veneers.  On more than one occasion, people who have gotten veneers and have not taken care of their teeth end up getting decay on the backside of the teeth.  This can cause them to lose the tooth and the work they had done previously has gone down the drain.  Many times the only solution to fix it is a dental implant which is much more invasive and costly.

If you have had whitening done, it is important to stay away from things that can cause stains like soft drinks, wine and coffee.  Certain foods and even medicines can cause your teeth to stain.  That is why it is important to talk with your dentist after having whitening done on what they recommend with there whitening process.  This will ensure your whitening stays nice and bright and you don’t have to spend extra money because you did something, ate something or drank something that would cause further staining.

How Can Your Dentist Help?

Your dentist is there to do more than just treat your teeth.  They are their to guide you and assist you to better oral health and over all health.  Sit down with your dentist or the hygienist and ask them what specific treatments and oral hygiene routines they recommend.  Get a plan together and then work that plan.

If you think we could be of assistance to you, the contact us here.  We will be glad to assist you.