Comprehensive Improvement For Your Smile

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If you have multiple imperfections within your smile, you may feel like things are only getting worse. When so much damage already appears, it might feel pointless to try and prevent it from continuing. This could not be farther from the truth, as multiple treatments are available to help you restore the natural beauty of your grin! With a full smile makeover, we can form a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate your smile.

At your Dallas, TX dental practice, we specialize in cosmetic solutions for rehabbing your smile to return its beauty, health, and function. We provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to discuss your goals and walk you through each step in obtaining your desired look. By pursuing one of our treatments available to improve your grin, we strive to provide a positive experience no matter how complex your case is.

Are You Anxious About Problems With Your Smile?

When your smile does not appear how you would like, it may be difficult to imagine a process that improves your current appearance. You may think the amount of time necessary to turn around your grin is far too great. Perhaps you believe you have a unique problem that cannot be addressed. Please do not let these thoughts prevent you from discussing your concerns with your dentist. By taking time to examine your smile, we can let you know what steps will lead you toward positive results. You may find that it takes far less time and energy to achieve the smile of your dreams than previously assumed.

Receiving A Full Smile Makeover

When you visit our practice, we will review both cosmetic and health concerns with the state of your smile. We could determine that a full smile makeover is appropriate for addressing both concerns. When you have multiple problems with your smile, we may combine multiple procedures to help rehabilitate your smile. These could include dental fillings, porcelain veneers, bonding and contouring, crowns, implants, or bridges. When your rehab is complete, you will enjoy a smile more beautiful smile while tackling problems with alignment, decay, and missing teeth.

When you have teeth that cannot be saved, we will include extractions as part of your smile makeover. While maintaining as many teeth as possible is our preference, we will suggest extracting a tooth when it best serves your overall oral health. Think of this as the first step towards restoring your smile with a prosthetic.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Available Treatments To Enhance Your Smile!

We can help you enhance the look of your smile no matter how severe your imperfections are! If you would like to find out more about this or any other service we offer, please call your Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 380-6223.