5 Signs You’ve Been Ignoring Your Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health is a crucial aspect of your overall health and well-being. Many people do a very good job of visiting their dentist and maintaining their teeth, but did you know there are some telltale signs if you have been ignoring your oral health? While some people take a proactive approach to their oral health, others seem to take a more indifferent attitude. Here we’ll present five signs that may suggest you have been ignoring your oral health and what you can do about it.

Bad Breath

All of us contend with our or our loved ones’ morning breath, and that is very normal. But what if one struggles with bad breath, also known as halitosis, on a regular basis? Bad breath can be caused by several factors:

● Poor Oral Hygiene
● Tobacco Use
● Some Types of Foods
● Poor Denture Care
● Gum Disease And/or Mouth Sores
● Digestive or Respiratory Health Problems

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods and Beverages

If you find that your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold drinks and/or foods, there’s a good chance that you may be having some issues with tooth decay or receding gums. The food you eat combined with incorrect oral hygiene can eat away at the hard enamel, creating sensitivity. Sensitivity can also be caused by brushing too hard, cracked or chipped teeth, grinding your teeth, and using tooth-whitening products too frequently.

Sore and Swollen Gums

Sore and swollen gums may be a problem commonly known as gingivitis and periodontal disease (gum disease). Common signs of gum disease are swollen, sore, and bleeding gums, as well as redness and puss. Gum disease is a problem that can be managed, and visiting your dentist in Dallas on a regular basis will go a long way to helping you prevent this common disease.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, better known as cavities, can be caused by a variety of factors. Poor oral hygiene, diet, medications causing dry mouth, even genetics may increase your susceptibility to decay. Everyone can develop cavities no matter what their age. Pain is the number one symptom of advanced tooth decay, especially after eating sweets and hot or cold foods and beverages. But visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help your dentist discover cavities in their early stage in the tooth can usually be saved.

Of course, the solution to all of these signs of poor oral health is a strategic plan between you and your cosmetic dentist, and the development of good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

Have you been ignoring your oral health? Contact Dr. Cowdin today to make up for lost time.