Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces

clear braces DallasFor many people wishing they could undergo a smile makeover, the metal braces they believe are needed to straighten teeth coupled with the time required with traditional braces may provide a barrier to achieving straighter teeth and a coveted smile. But those patients now have another option to obtain a smile makeover … they can enjoy a new enhanced appearance thanks to Six Month Smiles. A consultation with your dentist will reveal if you are a candidate for this abbreviated treatment that provides the same results as other teeth straightening programs, but with many advantages including:

Time Savings – As its name implies, Six Month Smiles is geared to complete treatment in a six month window (this is on average – treatment generally lasts anywhere from four to eight months).

Aesthetics – Six Month Smiles utilizes clear brackets and tooth colored wires to straighten teeth. Their appearance is subtle (unlike metal brackets and wires); so the patient does not feel self-conscious wearing them.

More Comfortable – Your dentist will place these clear braces only on teeth in the smile line preventing the need to have a mouth full of metal. The teeth you see when you smile will be shifted to provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cost Savings – Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than other cosmetic enhancements.

With Six Month Smiles you will achieve your teeth straightening goals two to three times faster than with other teeth straightening methods. You will visit your dentist about every four weeks to have wires adjusted to keep teeth moving to their new placement.

Your dentist will begin treatment taking dental x-rays, impressions, and performing a comprehensive dental exam. These are the tools the Six Month Smile facility utilizes to fabricate the program that will ultimately change your smile in about six months.

Upon treatment completion you will undergo a retention plan designed to help your teeth develop a memory of their new location.

Since this teeth straightening method is completed in about six months, you won’t have to worry about having your teeth cleaned while wearing braces. You should be able to stay on your regular teeth cleaning schedule.

You will need to brush and floss daily to maintain your dental health while having your teeth straightened. Our dentist will demonstrate the best way to perform daily maintenance tasks. Call our team today!