Sleep Apnea Solutions

Roughly five percent of Americans have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In terms of a disorder, sleep apnea is a widespread disorder that really was not taken very seriously physicians until the 1980s. A person with sleep apnea stops breathing, often for 10 seconds or more, which causes the person to wake from deep sleep. This process repeats itself throughout the night as often as 20-30 times a hour. The effects are lasting and begin with sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, fatigue but it can progress into larger issues like heart disease, stroke and even premature death.


SonoMed Orthodontic ApplianceThe SomnoMed device is an orthodontic appliance worn during sleep that prevents the airway from collapsing. The device comfortably repositions the jaw to prevent the airway restriction. This means a night of uninterrupted breathing, which ultimately means a night a better sleep.


In the past sleep apnea has traditionally been treated with a CPAP machine, which requires the sleep apnea sufferer to wear a mask to attached to a bulky machine while sleeping. As you can imagine wearing a breathing mask to bed every night might be uncomfortable and limit sleep. SonoMed is a dental appliance similar to a night guard or a retainer. It’s much smaller and much more comfortable for sleeping.

At the appointment we will take impressions of your mouth and determine where your reposition your jaw to prevent your airway from collapsing. Then the impressions and information are sent to the SonoMed lab where it will be custom made for your mouth.
SonoMed Flex - Sleep Apnea Solution
“Traditional” Treatments
Treatment for OSA in the past has traditionally been CPAP machines that cost thousands of dollars and are complicated to use. The SomnoMed device is much smaller, less costly, makes no noise and successfully treats sleep apnea.

The SomnoMed Advantage
SomnoMed takes a unique approach to providing you with a better night’s sleep. Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry provides this orthodontic appliance that is designed to reposition your jaw, allowing for an effective breathing  solution while you sleep. There are no complicated machines to hook up, no instruction manuals to read over; only a straight forward, effective sleep apnea solution.

Take the First Step
Are you ready to explore the new sleep apnea solution? Don’t hesitate to contact Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry, located in Dallas today to begin your journey to a better night’s sleep with The SomnoMed Solution.