Lessen the Impact of Dental Emergencies with These Tips

emergency dentist DallasDental emergencies can (and often do) occur during the most inconvenient time possible. But you can lessen their impact by being prepared in the event the unthinkable occurs. First on your list is to have access to an emergency dentist. Don’t wait to obtain this valuable information – have it on hand before it is needed!

What if I’m away from home?

Whether you’re away on business, vacation, or have recently relocated, a dental emergency can ruin your day. A phone call to your current dentist may provide a contact to take care of you while away. If this isn’t a viable option, contact a family member, co-worker, or trusted friend for a lead. Your place of worship or local chamber of commerce are sources to contact.

What constitutes a dental emergency? A broken tooth that exposes the nerve should never be ignored. While it may not hurt right away, you are creating the possibility for bacteria to permeate the interior of the tooth that could result in infection, the need for a root canal, or even tooth loss.

A tooth that has been knocked out requires immediate attention. If possible, the tooth should be cleaned and replaced in the socket holding it in place while getting to your dentist’s office. Or place the dislodged tooth in a glass of milk or Save-A-Tooth solution. The sooner treatment is rendered, the more likely the tooth can be saved.

Facial contact that results in excessive bleeding of lips, tongue, oral tissues; or if one or more teeth feel loose, do not hesitate to get help right away.

Be Prepared

You never know when you may experience a dental emergency so preparation is important. Make sure caregivers have access to your emergency dentist contact information. Carry this information with you and make sure all family members do as well.

Brush and floss daily; eat a healthy diet; and stay sufficiently hydrated to supplement great oral health. See your family dentist every six months for cleaning and dental exam. Early diagnosis and treatment of a potential problem may save you an emergency visit later.

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