Clear Braces Orthodontic Treatment for Comfort and Convenience

Orthodontic treatment for adults has become more common in recent years as people have become aware of the advantages to correcting misalignment. Many adults, though, don’t wish to wear metal brackets and prefer clear braces that don’t detract from their appearance. Clear braces is an excellent option in this case.

Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

In the fields of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Six Month Smiles is a popular choice for adults who prefer to maintain their appearance during treatment. Using clear brackets to move the teeth into proper alignment, this treatment is nearly invisible. If you depend on your smile for your job, these clear braces let you keep your smile while you’re adjusting it.

Another advantage is that this treatment can be completed in as little as six months!

For the best possible results, maintain your oral hygiene throughout the treatment, and seek our dentist’s help for any tips you need. 

Do Clear Braces Work For Everyone?

Clear braces are a versatile orthodontic treatment, but in some cases, traditional braces are a better choice. The more complex your treatment is likely to be, the greater the chances are that metal braces will do the job more efficiently. However, clear braces are used more and more often in wider varieties of cases. Sometimes you might require an additional appliance or pre-treatment, such as palate widening, to achieve the best possible results.

If you have a minor misalignment, clear braces is probably a good option. Be sure to discuss your case in detail with your cosmetic dentist before making your final decision.

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