Enjoy Your Favorite Foods with Dental Implants

Hands holding fork and knife and eating delicious juicy steak with grilled cabbage,tomatoes and cheese on table at cafe in city street. Man tasting bbq with vegetables in restaurant

Do you worry about your ability to enjoy food after tooth loss? While prosthetic teeth restore your appearance, not all provide the same level of support for oral function. For those desiring as normal a diet as possible, dental implants are the optimal choice. Once implants have stabilized, patients can enjoy a number of foods, including tougher-to-chew items like steak and celery.

How Dental Implants Work

Implant dentistry consists of two major components. The first is the implant itself, which is a post made from titanium. This small, screw-like post is embedded through the empty tooth socket into the jawbone where it will serve as a replacement for the root of a tooth.

Bone will fuse to the post over time to lock it in place. Once implants are stabilized by this biological process, a permanent restoration or prosthetic is attached to an abutment on the implant. Common restorations and prosthetics attached to dental implants include crowns and bridges. A series of dental implants can also be used to hold an entire arch of prosthetic teeth (a denture).

Since bone keeps dental implants in place, patients can enjoy greater control and chewing/biting force during meals. This makes it possible to have a diet that consists of a variety of food without encountering difficulty or discomfort when eating.

Advantages of Implant Dentistry

Dental implants and the restorations/prosthetics attached to them offer unique advantages when compared to other tooth replacement methods.

A notable difference is the fact that implants are the only prosthetic that can replicate the roots of teeth. When we lose teeth, we tend to lose bone due to a lack of stimulation. Since implants function like the roots of teeth, they keep bone active and help prevent bone loss.

Typically, implant dentistry involves lower maintenance than other tooth replacement options. Patients can brush and floss their replacement teeth as normal and do not need to rely on cleansing solutions and overnight soaking to keep their dental implants clean.

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