Don’t Let a Dental Emergency Disrupt Your Plans

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Dental emergencies can be traumatic but knowing how to respond to them can help prevent unnecessary stress. Having a game plan and access to an emergency dentist can make a dental crisis less disruptive and much more manageable. Following are helpful tips for responding to a dental emergency.

Preventing a Dental Emergency

Many dental crises can be prevented. Common emergencies like toothaches can be avoided by committing to practicing good oral hygiene and receiving routine checkups and cleanings. Preventive care helps detect problems before they manifest painful symptoms. Proper oral hygiene and professional cleanings also protect tooth enamel, which can prevent teeth from breaking and chipping.

If you play contact sports or participate in hobbies that have high rates of injury, wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth and soft oral tissue from traumatic blows to the face. Custom mouthguards help prevent lacerations to soft oral tissue and protect teeth from becoming cracked or knocked out.

Save Contact Information for Dentist

The first step to responding to a dental crisis is to call an emergency dentist. We recommend saving our practice’s phone number and address in your mobile phone. It’s also wise to keep our business cards in your wallet, work desk, and vehicle. If you plan on taking a trip somewhere, consider saving the phone number to a dentist who provides emergency care where you are travelling to as well.

Keep Save-A-Tooth Solution in Your First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in your home and in your vehicle makes good sense. One thing you should add to your first aid kit is a product called “Save-A-Tooth” solution. This solution is used to store a tooth or its pieces after a dental injury. Sometimes, dentists can reattach broken teeth. Save-A-Tooth solution will protect your tooth while you wait for your appointment. If you don’t have access to this solution, place your tooth and/or its pieces in milk.

Our practice provides emergency dental care for toothaches, broken and knocked out teeth, abscesses, and broken or loose restorations. Call Cowdin Cosmetic Dentistry today to reserve an appointment.