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Tooth loss is difficult for everyone. On top of affecting oral function and appearance, losing teeth also affects our mental wellbeing. Many folks who have lost teeth are vulnerable to social isolation and depression because they feel incomplete without their teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Cowdin, offers a variety of tooth replacement solutions that can help patients regain confidence, improve oral function, and restore their appearance.



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Common Questions

Dentures are custom made prosthetics used to replace missing teeth. Their costs reflect the fact that these prosthetics are made in dental laboratories by technicians from high-quality materials. Many insurers cover some, if not all the costs of dentures but for our patients whose insurance falls short or for those who pay out of pocket for dental care, we do offer payment options through third party financers.

In addition to the cost of custom dentures, patients receiving implant-supported dentures will pay a little more for their tooth replacement treatments. Dental implants are titanium posts embedded into the jaw to support an arch of teeth. Embedding dental implants is a surgical procedure. While there is an additional upfront cost for implant supported dentures, dental implants greatly increase the lifespan of dentures and therefore are typically more cost effective than unsupported dentures in the long run.

In addition to accepting many dental insurers, our practice does accept financing from third party lenders such as CareCredit. These lenders pay for the cost of treatment upfront, allowing patients to repay their lender with monthly payments. To learn more about financial options and the costs of specific treatments, speak with a member of our team.

There are two types of dentures. One type, full dentures, replaces all the teeth lost in an arch (the upper or lower jaw). The other type of denture is a partial. A partial denture is only used to replace some missing teeth. This type of denture is ideal when several healthy, natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. Partials will fit in the mouth by clasping to the backs of biological teeth.

Dentures typically need to be replaced when they begin to fit uncomfortably or if they break. Sometimes dentures can be repaired. If you notice any changes in the way your dentures fit, it is best to come to our practice and speak with our dentist.

The reason dentures require replacement or become ill fitting is because of a biological process known as bone atrophy. When the roots of teeth are no longer present, the bone becomes inactive due to a lack of stimulation. As this occurs, the body resorbs bone causing the jaw to deteriorate. Not only will this significantly add years to one’s appearance, it will affect the way dentures fit.

Permanent dentures are full arches of prosthetic teeth secured to dental implants. While the dentures replace the visible surfaces of missing teeth, dental implants address the loss of the root systems of teeth. By anchoring dentures beneath the gums and into the jawbone, dental implants can greatly improve oral function by preventing denture movement. Implants also keep the bone stimulated and active, therefore slowing down the process of bone atrophy.

Partial dentures replace missing teeth without affecting existing biological teeth. These dentures are ideal for patients who still have healthy natural teeth. In almost all instances, dentists prefer that patients retain natural tooth structure that is healthy rather than extract them. Partial dentures improve the appearance of an incomplete smile and support the positioning of existing biological teeth.


Full and Partial Dentures

There are two types of dentures. One type addresses total tooth loss (full dentures) while the other replaces several missing teeth and is custom made to fit between existing biological teeth (partials). Both types of dentures are made for the unique size and shape of a person’s mouth and gums. Made in dental labs from very precise molds, dentures are meant to fit comfortably over the gums or between teeth so that patients who have experienced tooth loss can enjoy a restored smile and improved oral function. All dentures are made from high quality materials that look and function similarly to natural teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures

For edentulous patients seeking more stability from their prosthetics, implant supported dentures are a great option. By embedding multiple dental implants throughout the jawbone, a full arch (denture) of prosthetic teeth can be supported. Implants will prevent denture movement and bone atrophy. Patients with implant-supported dentures typically feel more confident in their appearance and ability to eat meals comfortably than they would with conventional dentures.

Determining the Best Treatment for Your Needs

If you have suffered with tooth loss, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our dentist so that our team can help you navigate your tooth replacement options. Our practice is dedicated to offering a compassionate and welcoming environment so that our guests feel comfortable visiting us.

At your consultation, we will perform a thorough oral checkup to determine if you are a candidate for implant-supported dentures, dental implants, or conventional dentures. We will also help you review the costs associated with treatment so that you can choose the right prosthetic for your budget and your needs.

Get started on the path to the smile of your dreams by scheduling an appointment today!