What is considered a dental emergency?

Accidents happen, and they do not have a schedule. They do not discriminate against age or gender and there is no time bias associated with oral injuries. When unexpected trauma is sustained in the mouth, it’s important to have your emergency dentist’s number on hand.

Accidental Injury

Much of the oral trauma we experience is the result of an accidental injury. People sustain these types of injuries in many ways, but some of the most common causes include automobile and bicycle accidents. Other times, an unexpected slip and fall causes damage to the mouth. Sports accidents are also responsible for many dental emergencies.

Not an Injury

Sometimes a dental emergency does not arise from an injury. A severe infection or abscess which causes extreme discomfort can constitute a dental emergency. Intense aching and or inflammation in the mouth without a known cause is another reason to call on an emergency dentist.

The Need for Immediate Care

Oral injuries are often painful, and they can be very scary. It can be difficult to determine how to best care for an injury to the mouth and when to contact your dentist. Any dental issue which requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding or dull agonizing discomfort is considered a dental emergency. Puncture wounds and lacerations to the soft tissues of the mouth might also be considered dental emergencies. Even an adult tooth that has been knocked out can sometimes be saved if the right steps are taken.

Conversely, a chipped tooth which is not causing discomfort can probably wait a day or two to be treated. A temporary crown that comes off does need to be fixed, but it is typically not a dental emergency. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages may require treatment, but it is not a crisis situation.

Delayed treatment in an emergency situation can lead to complications, but immediate care can mean the difference in saving a tooth. Dental emergencies require the attention of a highly skilled and experienced dentist. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our office immediately.