Dental Bonding Services in Dallas, TX

Dallas Dental Bonding

veneersDental bonding, also known as composite bonding, consists of a highly esthetic tooth colored bonding material used for minor dental corrections. In practice, dental bonding is commonly used to close small spaces between the front teeth, repair fractured or discolored teeth, or to reshape unaesthetic teeth and also be used for fillings.

Dental bonding does not take the place of porcelain veneers for large restorative desires, but is a cost-effective alternative for smaller restorative areas. If your esthetic desires include multiple teeth but you want a conservative solution, you may be a candidate for no-prep veneers.

Bonding is accomplished in one visit and there is no need to take impressions and sent off to a lab. With regular good dental hygiene, the bonding material can last up to 10 years, but may need to be repaired or replaced regularly. Bonding is ideal for children who have chipped or cracked their teeth.

We specialize in cosmetic dentistry and is able to evaluate the enamel color variations and translucency nuances of your teeth. We will select the ideal mix of shades and bonding materials to create a complete seamless and natural look with repairs and cosmetic procedures.