Avoiding Foods that Destroy your Teeth

Parents of young children often stay away from certain foods that will damage their children’s teeth, but they don’t think about doing the same for their own teeth. Many toothpastes and oral hygiene products are available today that promise to strengthen enamel and whiten your teeth, but are people doing irreversible damage by what they eat? Are you eating and drinking foods that are damaging your teeth? Do you know what foods are harmful?


Acidic liquids can be incredibly damaging to your teeth. Many parents try to keep their children from drinking too much apple juice and soda, which can eat away at their enamel, but most adults don’t even think about it. Our Dallas cosmetic dentists also recommend avoiding white wine, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and vinegar, which can also damage tooth enamel. As your tooth enamel wears away, the yellowing process becomes even more apparent, so it is important to keep your tooth enamel strong. Damaging your enamel can also make your teeth sensitive to foods that are very hot or cold or even sweet.


What you drink has a big impact on the whiteness of your teeth. Ask your Dallas cosmetic dentists, and they’ll tell you that dark sodas, red wine, tea, and coffee can stain your teeth, especially if you drink more than two cups a day. Red meat that is cooked rare can also stain your teeth. In order to prevent yellowing, try to eat lighter colored foods and drink your coffee or soda through a straw. This gets the liquid past your teeth, so they won’t be discolored over time.


Your Dallas cosmetic dentist also might warn you about sugary foods, which can cause cavities. Some of the worst offenders are foods you might not even think of like breath mints and cough drops, because people suck on them instead of chewing and swallowing. People often consume a great number of these without thinking of the amount of sugar they are putting in their mouths.

Brushing your teeth a dozen times a day won’t help if you are eating foods that are literally destroying your teeth. Cutting back on these types of foods will make a dramatic difference in your oral health. When you avoid foods that destroy your teeth, you might not even need our Dallas teeth whitening services to give you the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.

Healthy Teeth

You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods to have healthy teeth. It’s just like having a healthy body. You have to learn to control your appetite for foods that will damage your teeth. If you eat unhealthy foods in moderation and focus on eating vegetables and fruits and other foods that are good for your body, your teeth will be healthy too.

Visit our dentists to get more advice about protecting your teeth from destructive foods. You don’t have to buy all the expensive oral hygiene products on the market to have beautiful, healthy teeth. You just have to care for them properly and make sure that you aren’t damaging them by what you eat.